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Last updated: 24.07.2015

CDI logoThe CDI mission is to empower research and development in proteomics with proprietary technologies, making possible — today — the protein discoveries of tomorrow. CDI’s HuProt protein microarrays and related services make it possible to perform rapid and efficient analyses of thousands of protein interactions using minimal amounts of valuable research or clinical samples.

The company’s microarray-powered monoclonal antibodies (MAbs] and MAb-related services provide unprecedented levels of specificity. Our system of antibody production is part of the NIH Protein Capture Reagents program and is currently working to produce truly mono-specific antibodies to human transcription factors.

CDI has patents in process for technologies to increase high through put analysis of protein-protein interactions as well as high throughput development of antibodies and identification of biomarkers

At CDI we believe that partnering with both companies and academic scientists is the path to mutual success. So please contact our business development professionals for possible collaborations or partnerships.

The Company has locations in Baltimore, Maryland and in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

Contact details
Guanajibo Research and Innovation Park
4005 Street B, Road 114 Km 1.3
Mayaguez, PR 00682
T: 787-806-4010
F: 787-806-4006


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