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Last updated: 22.12.2014

CHA HEALTH SYSTEMSEstablished in 1960, CHA Health Systems (CHS) opened its first women’s medical center in Seoul, South Korea. CHS has received worldwide recognition and accolades for its excellence in clinical research and accomplishments in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology. It owns and operates, among others: Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, one of the largest privately-owned hospital in Los Angeles and 8 general acute-care hospital facilities throughout Korea. CHS continued its international expansion and formed CHAUM, a premier anti-aging center and 5 fertility treatment and research centers in the U.S. and Korea. The Company’s activities also include various medical and biotech ventures, including a healthcare investment firm, CHA Bio & Diostech, one of the largest biotechs listed in KOSDAQ.

CHS also introduces a premier anti-aging center, CHAUM, offering various treatments including western medicine, alternative medicine, stem-cell therapies, exercise prescription, and food therapies, targeting issues related to optimum health and wellness. It also operates a global CHAUM clinical trial center, the world’s only one-stop clinical trial center for regenerative medicine. In this center, GMP facility, surgery room, recovery room, treatment room, and in-hospitalization facility are centrally located for convenience and quality care. Its customized clinical trial services and state-of-the art facilities for the development of regenerative medicine are a major supplier to many biotech companies worldwide, which offers opportunities for small and large companies to carry out proof of concept studies and early phase clinical trials at substantial savings in time and money.

With the ultimate vision of becoming a global leader in the next generation of healthcare services, CHS continues to stay at the forefront of medical services by building its global network of hospitals/clinics and research institutes for the advancement of bio-medicine and bio-ventures.


Contact Details
Dong-kun Lee, Corporate Planning
335 Pangyo-Ro, Bundang-Gu, Seongnam City, Kyunggi-Do, Republic of Korea
Tel. (+82)31-881-7370   Cell (+82)10-9261-6160   Fax. (+82)31-881-7379


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