Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

Last updated: 13.02.2014

cgmh-logo.jpgIn the 1970’s, Taiwan enjoyed a prospering economy and a rapidly rising living standard. However, despite this increase in the country’s wealth, the quality of Taiwan’s medical services and the advancement of technologies still lagged significantly behind. Not only were there limited institutions that offered training to the local medical graduate students, those who went abroad for further training also found themselves unable to put to use their acquired skills and knowledge. Thus, the demand for medical services in Taiwan remained unmet.

In pursuit to provide the people of Taiwan with high quality healthcare, Formosa Plastic Group Chairman Yung-Ching Wang and President Yung-Tsai Wang established Chang Gung Memorial.Hospital (CGMH) in 1976 in memory of their father,Mr.Chang-Gung Wang. During the early periods of its establishment, CGMH had played the role as a mediating center that introduced modern medical knowledge and technologies from around the world to Taiwan, now it aspires tobecome a world class medical center. Our physicians, nursing staffs and medical allies work closely as a team to provide our patients with complete physical, psychological and social care.

Moreover, in order to meet the people’s growing demands for medical services, our hospitals were built in Keelung and Kaohsiung following those in Taipei & Linkou. Also, Chang-Gung Institute of Nursing and Chang-Gung University were established. The University and the Hospital work effectively together by complementing each other and its collaboration facilitate both basic research and clinical medicine.

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Administration Center
No.199, Tunghwa Rd.
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