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Company description

History of the Center began in 1990 and is associated with the name of its founder – Alexander Vasilievich Ivaschenko – a Scientific Advisor, a Doctor of Chemistry, a Professor, an Honored Innovator of the RSFSR, a Laureate of State prize of the USSR and Award of Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Alexander Vasilievich established the first organization of the Center – a scientific and consulting enterprise named “Contact-Service”. Within frames of this company we started works in the field of complex ordered organic synthesis for such scientific catalogue companies as Aldrich, Fluka, Acros, Merck etc. Since 1995 chemical laboratories of “Contact-Service” were among first who started absorbtion of methods for parallel and combinatorial synthesis of the libraries of organic compounds for a high-throughput screening on up-to-date biotargets with the aim to determinate theirs biological activity. Starting from this moment swift development of international cooperation with the leading biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies of Europe, America and Japan had been launched.

Rapid development of a high-throughput screening as an industrial technology for searching of new drug candidates turned these technologies into industrial standard for major world pharmaceutical companies. This event enabled to conduct dozens of thousands biological tests on substances per day. This in turn demanded millions of new substances for examinations. In this period of time Alexander Vasilievich invited to work as main partners his son, Andrei Ivaschenko, and a friend of him, Nikolai Savchuk, – both has implemented international projects in the field of informational systems before. Since 1998 main conceptions of scientific and investing development had been worked out, future managing company of Center of High Technologies “ChemRar” and its “anchor” R&D organization – Chemical Diversity Research Institute Ltd. (CDRI Ltd.)-was created.

Starting from 2001 self-unique technologies and developments emerged. They were highly valued by international scientific community. Taking into consideration success of long-term cooperation, partners of “CDRI” Ltd. were proposing to find investors for establishing a research center within the territory of the RF, which would be working in the field of pre-clinic development of medical drugs. To execute this project in 2003-2004 we purchased a laboratory building which was in emergency state and was located at the site of a former national enterprise – the Research Institute of Radio and Professional Equipment in Khimki city, Moscow region – and managed to repair it within one year. As a result an advanced business-incubator of high-tech innovative companies was founded – Center of High Technologies “ChemRar”.

In 2005 on the basis of CHT “ChemRar” we established “RMPC CITOLEX” Ltd. which is working out, organizing and introducing into production the combinatorial medical drug called “SPASCARD” for self- and mutual assistance during heart attack.

Since 2007 CHT “ChemRar” in liaison with the Federal Science and Innovation Agency (ROSNAUKA) started a joint financing on a parity basis of a three-year project for development series of high efficient clinical candidates for treatment of infectious diseases. The project was set up on the basis of the Yaroslavl State Pedagogic University and called “Intellectual Dialog” Ltd.

With the object of spreading a complex of services and products for pre-clinical development of innovative medical drugs proposed by CHT “ChemRar” to its partners, in 2008 we created “Drug Technology” Ltd. on the basis of the Center and organized producing of a full cycle of import substitutive synthetic generics. In 2009 “Prudentas” Ltd. entered into the Group of companies. “Prudentas” Ltd. presents one of the leading Russian contract organization conducting early stages of clinical researches in the territory of Russia.

Products and services

ChemRar is Russia’s premier biopharmaceutical development incubator.


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