Chi-Fu Trading Co., Ltd.

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 7th floor, No. 69, Lane 77, Xing-Ai Road, Neihu, Taipei,Taiwan

Tel: +886 2 2790 0799


Company description

Chi-Fu Trading Co., Ltd. provides turnkey solutions to manufacturers worldwide who are interested in entering the Taiwanese and Asian markets. Chi-Fu carefully researchs the markets, and communicates with customers. Chi-Fu also evaluates potential products for our clients in the Asian markets. With the combined efforts of manufacturers and our marketing staff, Chi-Fu improves the health of the citizens and enhances its suppliers’ market portfolios.

Products and services

Chi-Fu Trading Co., Ltd. Will transform from its existing stage into “Chi-Fu Multinational Enterprise” to better reflect our market representations as well as our diverse product lines.
We stride to become a leader in distributing highly sophisticated medical equipment, devices, pharmaceuticals, consumables and bio technology related products.
We will hold leadership positions in all of our product and service areas and become the leader in all of the markets that we are present.
Chi-Fu will engage and become a leader in the health promotion service and hospital management consultation, working toward improving the health care of mankind.


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