CQDM, Canada

Last updated: 13.02.2014


CQDM is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to identify, fund and support joint research projects between the academic and private biopharmaceutical sectors. Projects funded by CQDM target the development of innovative tools and technologies that accelerate the drug discovery process.


CQDM is dedicated first and last to the stimulation of research in the field of therapeutic medicine and in particular to the development of innovative tools facilitating the discovery of safer and more effective compounds. By promoting synergy between academic and industrial research and by creating an international exchange network, CQDM intends to expand Quebec’s leadership in biopharmaceutical research and open new research avenues that will have a strong impact on the industry. CQDM activities also benefit small biotechnology companies. Its unique team approach favours access to internationally renowned experts. By leading research efforts towards market expectations, CQDM fully plays its role in disseminating knowledge and creating economic value.

Québec Consortium for Drug Discovery (CQDM)
7140, Albert-Einstein, suite 100
Montreal (Québec) Canada
H4S 2C1

Tel.: 514 766-6661
Fax: 514 766-9613
email: cqdm@cqdm.org




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