CT Arzneimittel GMBH

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Lengeder Straße 42a, 13407 Berlin-Reinickendorf ,Germany

Tel: +49 30 40 90 08-0

Web: http://www.ct-arzneimittel.de/index.php?id=20

Company description

CT is a specialist pharmaceutical company which focuses on the production of generics. Founded in 1917, and now presided over by Carston Cron, CT is one of the Top ten generics companies in Germany market, employing around 200 peopleFor the most part, the company’s product portfolio concentrates on prescription medicines, with a range of over 1,200 drugs, in varying combinations of over 200 substances. A large majority of its products are Over-the-Counter (or OTC) medicines and health products, with the aim of treating common, everyday illnesses. The oldest and most well-renowned brand-name product in CT’s OTC range is Tussamag ®, a cough and cold medicine. However other specialist indications include products in the specialist areas of: Neurology, pain, urology, and oncology.

Products and services


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