Cytolon AG

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Am Karlsbad 15 / 10785 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0) 30 2639 2880


Company description

Cytolon is the first technology company to fulfill the central needs of personalized medicine. Personalized medicine is based on matching the patient´s personal genomic and histocompatibility data with the characteristics of a given product in order to achieve the best possible therapeutic effect. As medical treatments become more personalized, it will be increasingly important to be able to provide fast and accurate matching of patient data with therapeutic products for hundreds of thousands of patient cases at any time. A comprehensive solution can only be provided by intelligent internet-based matching platforms. As of today, there are no matching platforms that fulfill these needs. Cytolon was created to fill this gap.

Cytolon´s corporate mission is to be the world’s first trusted source for obtaining the correct, best-matched personalized product in a timely and cost-effective manner. Cytolon meets the requirements of personalized medicine through high performance matching, comprehensive logistics and secure data management for clinical development.

As allogeneic cord blood units and the stem cells contained within them are the first existing personalized products in clinical practice, Cytolon is initially focusing on this market. An accurate, timely matching process is imperative as a cord blood unit (CBU) must perfectly match the histocompatibility antigens and genetic needs of the patient and must be delivered within days.

Cytolon has developed a proprietary, patent-pending, global internet-based cord blood matching platform called CordMatch®. This platform is unique, as it integrates product search and matching, selection and logistics plus billing and follow-up.

Products and services


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