Datapharm Australia Pty Ltd

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: P.O. Box 220 Five Dock NSW 2046 ,Australia

Tel: +61-2-9719 2800


Company description

Datapharm Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian contract research organisation (CRO) and data management organisation (DMO) established in 1987. Consistent growth has met the demands of the increasing number of clinical trials in Australia . Datapharm Australia is actively involved in providing contract research services for local and international clinical trials, “big pharma” and “biotech”. Recently over 300 studies have been completed in 40 therapeutic areas with over 50 clients.

Datapharm Australia continues to develop global links enabling participation in international studies. Services include clinical study management, monitoring, data management, statistical analysis and report writing, training, pharmacovigilance, audits and supplying contract staff to assist our clients.

Datapharm Australia is well known in the industry for its role in managing clinical trials and for the niche data management services that it offers. This includes an emphasis on technology applications for clinical trials, programming and a strong statistics team to design studies and perform the statistical analysis. Datapharm Australia has forged strong relationships with the trial sponsors and investigators. The Datapharm Australia team is known for its friendly and professional communications, its years of experience and expertise in research, having a passion for the science and for providing quality solutions to support the projects.

Products and services

Niche data management



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