DIERKS + BOHLE Attourneys

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Walter-Benjamin-Platz 6, D-10629 Berlin,Germany

Tel: +49 30 327787-0

Web: http://www.db-law.de/

Company description

The firm has a nationwide presence. Since an increasing number of medical mandates – for instance, in the field of law governing drugs and medical devices – are not confined to national boundaries, we work with law firms based in other European countries which specialize in similar fields. We primarily work with our EuMedLex partners. The company advises on all branches of medical law and also on related aspects pertaining to public law, corporate law and competition law.They offer competence and experience in the field of medical law, ensuring that clients can base their personal and entrepreneurial decisions on a reliable juridical foundation. The firm is independent, pointing out legal boundaries to clients – and looking for ways to achieve their goals in spite of these. The company is multidisciplinary: The special fields of medical law will direct a client to appropriately proven attorneys in the law firm. Nonetheless daily technical discussions with each other always keep the lawyers abreast of the latest developments in the fields.

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