EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 1106 Budapest, Keresztúri út 30-38. Hungary,Hungary

Tel: +36 1 265-5555


Company description

EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Central Europe. Our most important activities are the production of pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical research and development, sales of finished products and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Products and services

Out of our three production facilities, two are in Budapest. One of them is seated in our headquarters, in Keresztúri Street, where Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients are made, and the other is in Bökényföldi Street, with our tablet, injection and packaging plants as well as commercial warehouses.
In our third facility, in Körmend, tablets, ointments, suppositories, solutions, syrups and aerosols are made and packaged.

Our production system meets the international GMP principles and the regulations of the Hungarian National Institute of Pharmacy.

Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Production of active pharmaceutical ingredients is an important field in the activity of EGIS PLC (and its legal predecessors). As a result of professional experience accumulated through the efforts of the last decades and the continuous modernization of the facilities, competitiveness of the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients has been maintained as it is well proved by successful exports and the good results of the national and international official controls.

At present, in this field of activity approximately 50 different active pharmaceutical ingredients and their intermediates are produced a year. The wide scale of products can be characterized by the gradual renewal and replacement of individual products.

Production of active pharmaceutical ingredients has been able to respond to the challenges of quality assurance and environment protection of the recent past successfully. Thorough grounding and commitment of people working in this strategic field are an important part of the complex professional culture belonging to EGIS.

Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Our research activity is aimed at the development of generic pharmaceutical products offering high marketing potential, the chemical synthesis of putative original drug molecules, and testing of their pharmacological effects. Our research work focuses on drugs effective on cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the central nervous system, the respiratory and digestive systems. At the end of our business year, closed on 30th September 2009, the number of our registrations and marketing authorizations totalled up to 2222.

Sales of Finished Products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

EGIS PLC is ranked third on the basis of the number of packages sold in the Hungarian market, and is placed fifth concerning our sales revenue.

72% of our sales revenue comes from our export activity. We export our finished products first of all to the Eastern regions like Russia, Central- and Eastern-European countries, and the CIS countries. As for the Western countries France and the UK are among our main markets for finished products, while France, the Netherlands, Japan and the United States are considered as the greatest markets for our active ingredients and intermediate export.


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