Eli Lilly Brazil

Last updated: 01.06.2015

Address: Av. Morumbi, 8264 – Brooklin CEP 04703-002 – São Paulo, SP,Brazil

Tel: (11) 2144-6911

Web: https://www.lilly.com.br

Company description

Eli Lilly and Company, Lilly or simply, as it is known that the pharmaceutical industry of North America, has 134 years of existence. The company, with global operations and one of the largest funds applied research and development, is today one of the largest biotech companies in the world and owns brands that have become synonymous with ancient relief for diseases such as Prozac and Zyprexa Cialis, and prefers to characterized as a company that sells innovation in physical and mental health through medications that are usually the pioneers and most advanced in their therapeutic classes.
In Brazil, the company participates in the construction of the pharmaceutical market 66 years ago, and is one of the most important industries in the country, one of the leaders in the areas of mental health, oncology and women’s health.

Products and services

Humulin, Humatrope, Humalog, Prozac, Gemzar , ReoPro, of Zyprexa, Evista, Xigris, of Cialis, Fort, Cymbalta and Byetta


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