Česká asociace farmaceutických firem (ČAFF)

Last updated: 24.05.2016

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The main purpose of the ČAFF is to unite and defend the common interests of companies that are engaged in the research, development, production, marketing, promotion, marketing of human pharmaceuticals and informatics in the pharmaceutical industry and the use of medicines.

Its goal is to become a broad representative of pharmaceutical companies operating in the Czech Republic.

The main focal areas of the ČAFF are:

The promotion of economic, legal and professional interests of its members (including the provision of advisory services and information services to all members)

To create an environment for the realization of long-term business strategies of members. In this process, we want to be a partner for communication with the state executive, legislature, with professional societies and the public

Communicate openly, through which it will promote and defend the positive image of the pharmaceutical industry in the Czech Republic

The adoption of binding rules of ethical behaviour of members (Code of Conduct) and its supervision

Defending its members’ interests in the international context. As a member of international organizations, the ČAFF will contribute to the harmonization of steps leading to a smooth integration of the Czech Republic into the EU structures.

ČAFF is an association open to all pharmaceutical companies operating in the Czech Republic and as such, is ready to defend the interests of all its members.


Česká asociace farmaceutických firem

Na Zlíchově 18150 00 Praha 5

Homepage: http://www.aff.cz/

Tel .: +420 251 510 193
Fax: +420 251 512 634
E-mail: caff@aff.cz



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