Eucodis Bioscience

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Viehmarktgasse 2 a/ 2. OG, 1030 Wien,Austria

Tel: + 43 1 8900804


Company description

EUCODIS Bioscience is an application-driven enzyme engineering company with customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and other industries. We manufacture and market over 50 well-characterized enzymes worldwide.

LacBusterTM is a β-lactamase specifically designed for environmental monitoring and sterility testing of a broad spectrum of β-lactam antibiotics with significantly higher activity than that of other products currently on the market.

Addressing its customers’ needs, EUCODIS Bioscience also provides various custom services, ranging from process development to routine protein manufacturing up to the kg scale across various industrial sectors.

Products and services

The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry is constantly seeking novel enzymes for API synthesis, replacing complex chemical reactions with biocatalysts. Other applications of enzymes include the white biotechnology industry, where enzymes play a significant role in the development of new formulations for laundry detergents, animal feeds, functional foods, cosmetics, and numerous other areas.
EUCODIS Bioscience has established itself as a leader in manufacturing novel enzymes for such applications. These enzymes are carefully selected to include the desired properties, such as chiral and regioselectivity, broader ranges of temperature and pH profiles, among other desired properties, making them suitable across various disciplines.
These recombinant enzymes can be supplied from as little as 50mg to the gram scale as crude extracts. Possible target enzymes (hits) can be supplied in kilogram quantities on demand at a short notice. Further up-scaling is done on a customer basis.



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