Eurogenerics NV

Last updated: 13.02.2014


Tel: +32 2 479 7878


Company description

Eurogenerics NV is a Belgian company of origin and is the unrivaled leader in the field of generic drugs in Belgium.

Products and services

For Eurogenerics nothing beats the professional ethics and the quality of its products. The company produces more than 90% of its generic drugs in Belgium and does is directly or indirectly rely on more than 500 people.
The company SANICO NV is based in Turnhout and handles the production of Eurogeberics’ medicines. SANICO employs 250 employees in a high technology environment specializing in the production and packaging of medicines. The company has modern facilities, is subject to the strictest international standards (the guidelines of the World Health Organisation) and cinsistantly delivers high quality medicines.
Besides Eurogenerics, a number of other pharmaceutical companies rely on SANICO so generic and branded products often come from the same manufacturing chain.


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