Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Bd. Timisoara, nr.50, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania

Tel: +40 21.777.65.62

Web: http://www.fabiol.ro/

Company description

Founded in 1994 and GMP certified in 2002, Fabiol is one of the most modern medicine producers in Romania. Fabiola is a dynamic company with a professional quality management that aims to increase market share through high quality products and services at attractive prices. Its activity is structured in two directions:
– self-produced drugs
– production under contract

Products and services

On the domestic market Fabiol is a producer of drugs, dietary supplements and OTC offering over 25 products. Because of its facilities and existing staff with high qualifications, Fabiol produces 1,500,000 units per month under contract business.



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