Farah Hospital

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: PO Box: 5323, Amman 11183, Jordan

Tel: +962 6 460 3555

Web: http://www.farah-hospital.org/

Company description

A hospital’s atmosphere and environment can without a doubt alter the course of recovery and wellness of patients. A pleasant and friendly atmosphere can speed up recovery and indeed make it an experience to remember whereas conversely a lousy and unhealthy environment can indeed delay and complicate recovery. Focusing on the psychological aspect is as important as how successful an operation went.

It was a top priority to disguise the hospital setup in a warm and friendly atmosphere so that each visitor to The Farah Hospital would look forward to coming back.

The patient’s rooms were designed to suit every taste. The rooms are spread over 3 floors, with each floor having a different theme/design. One thing that all rooms have in common are the fantastic views that the hospital has to offer. Located in the middle of Amman, the hospital has 360 degrees panoramic views of the capital. And with wireless internet connections and plasma screens with DVD players, our patients and their guests are sure to have a pleasant time. One aspect that The Farah Hospital was adamant to change is the phobia of hospital food/meals! Indeed our chef with his vast experience in 5 star hotels have helped transform the image of hospital food to something that patients/relatives would look forward to.

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