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Last updated: 01.05.2014

farmaindustria-logoFarmaindustria is the National Trade Association of the Spanish based pharmaceutical industry. It gathers most of the R&D based pharmaceutical companies established in Spain, representing nearly 100 percent of prescription medicines sales in the country.

The pharmaceutical industry is a strategic sector for society, both for the nature of its activity, based in its commitment with healthcare, as well as for its economic and business contribution, with an utmost added value.

The pharmaceutical industry provides society with one of the most precious goods, which most contributes to the welfare and health of the population: medicines. The industry researches, develops, produces and markets pharmaceuticals that relieve maladies, and cures diseases.

The economic contribution of the sector is likewise relevant: it holds the highest productivity rate of the pharmaceutical industry; constitutes a source of qualified, stable and diverse employment (more than 50 percent of employees are women); it is very competitive international wise, with almost 10.000 million USD worth of exports each year; it is also intensive in R&D (almost 1.000 million USD a year; 22 percent of the whole industrial sector). Besides, the pharmaceutical industry is committed with the dynamization of Spanish public biomedical research, and with the Healthcare System in continued training and updating of the knowledge base of its professionals.

Medicines are, probably one of the most regulated sectors, precisely to protect to the maximum level the health of citizens. The State does not only pay for a great part of medicines which are used in the country, but it also decides which medicines are suitable to be sold, how they are manufactured and dispensed, and how much is paid for them.

For all these reasons, Farmaindustria represents member companies before Spanish society and its Public Administrations, collaborates with them, fosters the best of the sector for R&D, conveys the reality of the pharmaceutical industry to public opinion, and offers Members value added services.

Contact Details

C/María de Molina, 54, 7ª
28006 Madrid – España

T. (+34) 91 515 93 50

F. (+34)91 563 73 80



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