Formosa Laboratories, Taiwan

Last updated: 13.02.2014

formosa-logo.jpgFormosa Laboratories, Inc. produces APIs and UV-filters in its modern facilities near Taipei. Its GMP compliance has been approved by DOH of Taiwan, US FDA, BSG of Germany, and PMDA of Japan. Formosa’s major API products include Vitamin D derivatives (Alfacalcidol, Calcitriol, Calcipotriol, Doxercalciferol, and Paricalcitol), Balsalazide, Benzonatate, Capsaicin, Colesevelam, Gadodiamide, Flupentixol, Melitracen, Meprobamate, Montelukast, Mycophenolate Mofetil, Sevelamer (HCl and Carbonate), and Taltirelin. As a major producer in the world, our UV-filter products include avobenzone and Octinoxate. We also provide custom synthesis service from process development to full commercial production for APIs and other specialty chemicals, with full documentation support. 

Formosa Laboratories, Inc.
Address: No. 36 Hoping street, Louchu County, Taoyuan, Taiwan 33842
Tel: + 886 3 324 0895
Fax: +886 3 324 0923



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