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Company description

Today, Gador is ranked fourth in quantity of prescriptions and sixth in invoicing. The Pharmaceutical Industry’s audit reveals a steady growth of the company, in contrast with the industry trend, that shows a loss of the market share for many important laboratories.
Our persisting enthusiasm ever since, makes us feel proud of the present outcome.

For Gador, the word “market” embodies not only a chart with figures, but it also represents every working day of the Medical Representatives in hospitals and clinics, ranging from large cities to small town, together with the Medical Board; the meetings, congresses and events, where the science tries hard to provide new solutions to the Community’s health.

The work of every Medical Representative is supported by Gador’s industrial, administrative and commercial structure, in order to achieve the expected results. Our motto is to be “devoted to people´s health”.

Quality, price, innovative molecules as well as the established validity of the active ingredients selected by the doctors due to their effectiveness and reliability, are key factors that enable Gador to place its products in the hands of 1.5 million patients every month.

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