Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Av. Nações Unidas, 12.399, 12º andar, cj 125 A, Edifício Landmark CEP 04578-000, São Paulo – SP,Brazil

Tel: (11) 3528 7406

Web: http://www.gcdois.com.br/

Company description

GC-2, in tune with the surge in R&D for pharmaceutical products in the region, provides intelligent solutions for this interdisciplinary scenario.

The natural growth of pharmaceuticals in the region, including herbal medicines and biotechnology products, has caused a parallel demand for project management. However, GC-2 is not just one more consulting firm. We bring the Project Management Office concept to pharmaceutical R&D.

In order to strengthen the strategic decision making process in pharmaceutical drug and product development, GC-2 offers its clients alternatives for the technical and commercial scientific monitoring of their developments:

Products and services

Technical and scientific viability and patentability, Conceptualization & positioning, Structuring & management, Production and quality insurance interface, Pre-clinical pharmacological development interface, Pre-clinical toxicological development interface, Clinical development, Public agency interface, Antimicrobial development



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