Generic Medicines Industry Association

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: PO Box 222, Pymble BC NSW 2073,Australia



Company description

The Generic Medicines Industry Association (GMiA) is a representative body of generic medicine suppliers in Australia. Its members ensure that all Australians are offered the highest quality generic medicines in the world whilst providing affordable community health outcomes that benefit all Australians.

Products and services

The guiding principles of the members of GMiA are:

To support the long term sustainability of the PBS by ensuring the timely and cost effective provision of Generic Medicines to consumers.
To support the quality use of medicines (QUM) in partnership with other stakeholders.
To support the development of policies that facilitate timely access to Generic Medicines for all Australians.
To support the development of policies that promote the continued viability of a local manufacturing base for Generic Medicines (for domestic and export markets).
To encourage a high level of awareness and general knowledge of the safety, efficacy and appropriate interchangeability of Generic Medicines amongst Healthcare Professionals, Government and Consumers.
To support balanced intellectual property rights in the pharmaceutical sector that enable timely, cost effective access to Generic Medicines.
To enhance the accountability of Members by establishing a complaints handling mechanism that is both readily accessible and transparent.
To reduce actual and potential conflicts of interest between Members and Healthcare Professionals responsible for prescribing and dispensing prescription medicines by establishing an Educational Event reporting procedure with independent review.



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