Genzyme de Colombia S.A.,

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: C Calle 93 B #17–25/49, Piso 5
Bogotá, Colombia

Tel: + 57 1 621 6600


Company description

Genzyme de Colombia S.A., a subsidiary of Genzyme Corporation, is a growing organization that began its first activities in the country in 1996 through an external consultant for the purpose of registering Ceredase ®, the enzyme for treating Gaucher disease.

Since then, Genzyme de Colombia S.A.’s commitment has been to the continued support of patients, families and health specialists involved with the comprehensive management of lysosomal storage diseases.

It is Genzyme de Colombia S.A.’s mission to collaborate fully for the best quality and life expectancy of all patients in both Colombia and the Andean Pact affected by these diseases and who require on our part a sense of urgency that is present in all our employees.

From the moment Genzyme de Colombia S.A.’s began operations, even before the formal establishment of Genzyme de Colombia SA, the company has been working hard in deepening the knowledge within the medical profession of these diseases, which although of low incidence, significantly impact the patients affected by them.

Support for the medical community and health system in the best knowledge and comprehensive treatment of these diseases resulted in the formal establishment of Genzyme de Colombia S.A. in April 2002.

In July 1998 Genzyme de Colombia S.A. obtained the medical records for Cerezyme ® the first recombinant enzyme approved by the FDA for the treatment of Gaucher disease. In addition Genzyme de Colombia S.A. is currently marketing in Colombia Fabrazyme ® and Aldurazyme ®, the two recombinant enzymes approved by the FDA and the EMEA for the treatment of Fabry disease and MPS1 (Mucopolysaccharidosis 1), respectively.

Similarly, Genzyme de Colombia S.A. has a regional team committed to supporting patients with chronic renal failure and transplantation. We have obtained registration in Colombia for Renagel ® (sevelamer) for the treatment of phosphorus in dialysis patients.

Products and services

Rare genetic disorders, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, and immunological diseases.


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