GL PharmTech (GLPT)

Last updated: 12.02.2015

GLPharmTech logoGL PharmTech (GLPT) has focused on developing improved versions of the currently marketed pharmaceutical products with reduced side effects, greater therapeutic efficacy and better patient compliance using our proprietary drug formulation and delivery technologies since 2002.

We have provided more than 50 pharmaceutical companies in Korea with value-added drug formulations and delivery technologies for generic and improved version of marketed drug.

We are now transitioning from a being a technology transfer-based operation to being a specialty pharmaceutical company capable of developing and delivering new product lines by ourselves from 2010. We are doing this based on intensive investment in various clinical studies of products currently in our pipelines and using our already-established drug delivery platform technologies.

Contact details:
#714 Jungang Induspia V, 137, Sagimakgol-ro,

Jungwon-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Tel: +82-31-739-5220(ext. 102)



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