Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: PO Box 5114, Doha, Qatar

Tel: (+974) 44858888

Web: http://www.goic.org.qa/Arabic/index.html

Company description


“A home of expertise with a global competitive and excellent reputation in the provision of industrial consultative services.”


‘Provide of high quality consulting services in the areas of industrial development, economic information and market requirements provided by distinctive competencies and expertise and through strategic regional and international cooperation. ‘

Main values

Excellence and efficiency
Transparency and professional integrity
Speed and effectiveness of achievement
Customer Satisfaction
Teamwork Spirit
Equality and respect

The Strategic objectives for GOIC’s strategy 2012-2016

1. Increase of the operational efficiency, development of performance and achievement of continuous growth in GOIC’s operational revenues.
2. Support of the activities of future-targeted industrial sectors in the Member States.
3. Promotion of industrial investment opportunities, and provision of information and updated reports in the field of industry and industrial economics and marketing.

Tangible achievements

GOIC’s impact on industry and economy of the GCC:

“We have been playing an influential part in identifying and introducing new industries to the region, and shaping public policy across the region for over three decades through recommendations particularly the unified common industrial strategy of GCC states”

Products and services

What GOIC has done for the industry in the region:

Forged meetings & discussions aimed at setting the groundwork for future coordination & possible joint ventures in the fields of trade, research, economics & business within the region as well as entered into alliances and association agreements with a multitude of local, regional and international institutions, both in the public and the private domains.
Organized 12 editions of the ‘Industrialists’ Conferences and Global Exhibitions on Industrial Subcontracting and Partnership’ to drive the future of industry in the GCC countries and Yemen.
Played a key role in encouraging synergistic relationships by matching thousands of buyers and sellers across the region.
Identified and introduced over 390 industrial opportunities profiles in the region through the Manufacturing Industrial Opportunities Program (MIOP).
Put together over 380 industry reports including 85 pre-feasibility and 20 multi-client studies and sector study report.
Provided valuable consulting services to over 37 clients in the GCC.
Organized scores of forums and seminars to introduce new opportunities in the region.
Conducted out of more than 1691 B2B meetings organized by the SPX program, the investment profiles developed by the MIOP team and the pre -feasibility studies jointly developed, a few major projects emerged and are currently put into practice.
Provided the data collected by the IMI program to be a reliable backing resource for hundreds of investors and stakeholders in the industry.
Arranged training courses to help entrepreneurs and SMBs become more competitive regionally and globally.
Supported to the increased awareness and level of knowledge of more than 1000 individuals in the GCC region through its training, seminar, awareness and publishing raising efforts.
Convent more than 45 coordination meetings.
Convent more than 60 training sessions.
Issues more than 500 publications.
Answered more than 12,000 query responses.


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