Haver Ecza Deposu Turkey

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Esensehir Mahallesi, Necip Fazil Bulvari, Savas Sok:20, 34776 Umraniye, Istanbul, Turkey

Tel: +90 216 324 3838

Web: http://www.haverecza.com/index2.html

Company description

Haver Pharmaceutical has sarted operations in 2009 for the purpose of serving all private and public hospitals. Their main products include a wide veriaty of I.V. Solutions and Ampoloues. They are proud to join 90% of the government tenders in Turkey.

Products and services

Parential Solutions, Premix I.V. Solutions, Aminoasit I.V. Solutions, Multiple Electrolit Solutions, Irrigation Solutions, Vitamin Ampoules, Antibiotic Ampoules, Antialergetic Ampoules, Anesthetic Ampoules, OTC Products



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