HD Pack Republic of Korea

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 68, Omokmojeon Gil, Seonggeo Eup Seobukgu, Cheonan City, Choongnam Republic of Korea

Tel: 82415526110

Web: http://www.hd-packing.com/

Company description

HD Pack Republic of Korea is mainly engaged in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food & Beverage and commercial packaging systems. HD Pack Republic of Korea are located in Cheonan City (Medical and electronic Hub city) and equipped with the largest production line for various industrial packaging system in Republic of Korea. Over the last two decades, HD Pack Republic of Korea have supplied more than 600 lines to 500 customers worldwide. HD Pack Republic of Korea do not stop develops their performance by providing the most advanced machines with cutting-edge technology and complete service to our customers. HD Pack always puts endless efforts to manufacture better products and provide better service to customers.

Products and services

Pharmaceutical Packaging


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