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Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Hemofarm AD, Beogradski put bb, 26300 Vršac

Tel: +381 13 803100


Company description

Production and sales of medicinal products represent the core activities successfully performed by Hemofarm for five decades already. Capital, knowledge, competence and energy have been woven in the construction of production complex. Hemofarm has achieved technological completeness. It has met the high standards of the industry in regard to the production of medicinal products. The plants have been adjusted to the current GMP requirements while the European certificates guarantee the highest level of products quality.

All forms of medicinal products are produced in Hemofarm’s factories starting from the simple ones to effervescent, pellet and Mi-O-Vial injectable forms. Medicinal product range includes almost all pharmacotherapeutical forms. By the end of the last century Hemofarm won the leading position in the domestic market through its quality and good business policy, and it is also the greatest Serbian exporter of medicinal products. The third of the overall production is exported to the markets of Russia, neighbouring countries, EU, developed countries of Africa and Middle East.

Developing its core business, Hemofarm started to establish the companies and marketing stations in 1991, so today it is present in Timisoara, Bucharest, Skopje, Ljubljana, Banjaluka, Sarajevo, Bad Homburg, Moscow, Kiev, Obninsk, Beijing, Baghdad and Washington.

The application of the state-of-the-art technology, compliance with the international standards and regulations and highly skilled personnel represent the guarantee of Hemofarm’s products quality. Hemofarm’s production is performed in the most up-to-date plants in Vršac, Dubovac, Podgorica, Šabac, Banjaluka and since recently in the Russian city Obninsk as welL.

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