HLB Pharma

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Av. Int. Tomkinson 2054 – B1642EMU – San Isidro – Pcia. de Buenos Aires,Argentina

Tel: 4732 8300

Web: http://www.hlbpharma.com/

Company description

Founded in 2004 by Hernán López Bernabó, HLB Pharma was formed on the unique idea that a local company established to work to international standards would be the partner of choice for multinational corporations looking to produce in Argentina. This turned out to be a very successful strategy, and from the company’s first partner, Aventis, HLB Pharma now works with more than twenty companies, working to CGMP in many therapeutic areas.

In 2006, HLB Pharma expanded its operations to include its own pharmaceutical division, which is going from strength to strength. Today, the company is looking to expand its international reach, and continue to offer leading service to those that are looking to produce in Argentina.

Products and services

Manufacturing Agreements, Quality Control Services, Quality Assurance Services, Pharmaceutical Development, Analytic Development, Dossier Development, Stock Management, Administrative Support to Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Gastroenterology, Central Nervous System, Dermatology, Image Diagnostic, Clinical medicine, Oftalmology



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