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Address: Fürj u. 2. , Budapest, H-1124 Budapest,Hungary

Tel: +36 1 381 0765

Web: http://www.hyd.hu/

Company description

HYD LLC. for Cancer Research and Drug Development was established for the research, development and worldwide marketing of pharmaceutical and consumer products based on the proprietary procedure, deuterium depletion, primarily for the prevention and treatment of various kinds of cancer and for exploration of new indication fields for the application of deuterium-depleted water (DDW). Different applications of deuterium depletion are protected by international patents.

In the early nineties, Hungarian molecular biologist, Gábor Somlyai, PhD recognized that the shortage of deuterium can cause significant changes in living organisms. The most important outcome of his research carried out with deuterium-depleted water (DDW) was that tumor cells proved to be extremely sensitive to the withdrawal of deuterium (D). Deuterium depletion is a completely original approach to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body and according to the latest results it can also influence other physiological processes like glucose metabolism.

Recently, pharmacological industry started to develop and commercialize deuterium-containing medicines. Strategic replacement of hydrogen atoms in therapeutics with deuterium could positively influence efficacy and side effect profiles of drugs.

HYD’s approach to deuterium depletion of water and other molecules has broad potential to enhance the effectiveness of the presently available oncotherapies and result in innovative new medicines and consumer products for the treatment and prevention of cancer and other (e.g. metabolic) diseases.

Products and services

HYD LLC. is marketing and distributing several products with decreased deuterium content in food and medicinal product categories. For human consumption Preventa® deuterium-depleted carbonated drinking water brand is available with different D-contents. Considering the D concentration of natural waters (140-150 ppm at our latitude), Preventa® products’ deuterium concentration varies between 125 and 45 ppm as it is indicated on the label. The products are mainly targeted on tumorous patients under conventional treatments or in remission and health-conscious consumers mostly in the age group over 40. It is made of deuterium-depleted water, natural mineral water and carbon dioxide. Preventa® is a registered trademark of HYD LLC.

VETERA-DDW-25® is medicinal preparation for veterinary use for the adjuvant therapy of neoplastic diseases of household pets. This first deuterium-depleted drug was registered in 1999. The active agent is deuterium-depleted water (DDW; 25 ppm D). Vetera-DDW-25® is mostly applied to dogs and cats suffering from cancer.

Several editions of the book „Defeating cancer!” written by Gábor Somlyai PhD are available in different languages and can be ordered from the Hungarian and foreign publishers.



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