Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: V.le Fulvio Testi, 330, 20126 Milano,Italy

Tel: 02 64431


Company description

Italfarmaco operates in both the pharmaceutical and the fine chemical industries and was founded in Milan in 1938.
The Italfarmaco Group now markets ethical products in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, where it employs a workforce of over 1400 and has a total turnover exceeding 300 million euros.

The groups owns a plant in Milan, and a second in Madrid.

The Italfarmaco Group is particularly active in the field of research, mainly oriented towards the cardiovascular area and diseases associated with alterations of the immunological system.

In addition to its pharmaceutical activities in the field of ethical drugs, Italfarmaco also markets generic drugs through the company Lifepharma.
This business is mainly aimed at foreign markets, on some of which Lifepharma has its own offices and sales networks, as in the case of Russia.

In addition to research, production and marketing of drugs, the Italfarmaco Group manufactures active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry through its subsidiary ‘Chemi S.p.A.’
Chemi S.p.A. sells some 90% of its products on foreign markets (USA, Japan, EU, etc.), on which it collaborates with many international pharmaceutical companies.

Products and services

Its therapeuticals areas are mainly cardiovascular, immuno-oncological, gynaecological, dermatological, orthopaedic and neurological areas.



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