Janssen-Cilag Chile

Last updated: 01.06.2015

Address: Av. Kennedy 5454, 12th Floor, Vitacura, Santiago,Chile

Tel: +56 2 350 2479

Web: http://www.janssen.com.ar/chile/

Company description

Janssen-Cilag is a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company. The company was founded in the early 1950s by a merger between Janssen Pharmaceutica and Cilag AG.

Janssen-Cilag has an absolute commitment to patients, and promises to build innovative, integrated health care solutions that will restore and extend the quality of life, while creating economic value for society and the company. The aim is to achieve this by working side-by-side with healthcare stakeholders and by building on the talent of their employees.

The company has 6 research and development centers located in USA, France, Germany, Spain, Japan and Belgium, with more than 2500 scientists and researchers. It is from there that generates all the support and its subsidiaries provide information to physicians in over 175 countries for a safer practice of their profession.

Janssen-Cilag also has a pharmacovigilance department whose aim is to detect adverse effects of its drugs anywhere in the world, even those whose incidence is rare cases 1/100.000. The department serving Chile is based in Argentina.

Janssen-Cilag is actively developing treatments for patients in five important therapeutic areas of healthcare: cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, immunology, infectious diseases, neuroscience and oncology. The company’s complete solutions address some of the world’s most serious conditions and diseases.

More than just products and individual treatments, Janssen wants to provide solutions in disease management, including collaboration with private and public parties to monitor and manage health and prevent disease.

Products and services

Research and development, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, immunology, infectious diseases, neuroscience and oncology



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