Janssen Pharmaceutica

Last updated: 01.06.2015

Address: Edison Road, Barrio Ibayo, 1700 Parañaque City,Philippines

Tel: +632 824-7901

Web: http://https//www.janssen.com.ph/

Company description

In 1982, Janssen Pharmaceutica, a division of Johnson & Johnson (Phils.) Inc. was formed through the efforts of then General Manager and Southeast Asia Regional Marketing Manager, Howard Platt as a Sales and Marketing company. Local manufacturing was and still is performed through a third party toll manufacturer named Interphil Laboratories Inc. and distribution continues to be done through Zuellig Pharmaceutical Corp. (ZPC). It now ranks 15th in the local pharmaceutical industry.

Products and services

Janssen Pharmaceutica offers products in the Hematopoietic, GI Derived, Antivertigo, Antimigraine Systemic Antifungal, Anti-diarrheal, Antifungal, Anti-dandruff, Anthelmintic, Anti-acne, Neuroleptic, Antiepileptic and Narcotic Analgesic markets.



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