KrKa Austria

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Bürohaus Neue Donau,
Wagramer Str. 4/OG 7/ Top 7
1220 Wien

Tel: 0043-(0)171728313


Company description

Krka is among top generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. We have now been successfully implementing our strategies and pursuing our mission and vision for over half a century.

Line of business
Krka’s basic line of business is the production and sale of prescription pharmaceuticals, non-prescription products and animal health products. The company’s activities are supplemented by health resort and tourist services.

Our products are sold in over 70 countries. As part of our business strategy we have set the objective of balanced sales in five different regions: Slovenia, Central Europe, South-East Europe, East Europe, West Europe and Overseas Markets.

Research and development
At Krka we develop innovative generic medicines, i.e. generic medicines with value added, which are the product of our own in-house knowledge, and provide our products with major advantages for years after market entry. All our pharmaceuticals offer high quality, efficacy and safety. Our products are marketed under our own brands.

As a generic producer, Krka is responsible for medicines that can take their place alongside the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies in terms of quality, safety and efficacy. Quality, in the broadest sense of the word, is created, maintained, and the responsibility of all employees. Krka’s systematic approach is intended to ensure it exceeds customer requirements and achieve its set operating objectives.

Krka’s strategy for own-brand generic pharmaceutical development is achieved through investment in research and development capacity and Krka’s own production and distribution centres around the world.

Employee care
Krka’s business performance is based on the commitment and the knowledge of its employees. At Krka we are committed to acquiring, motivating and retaining dedicated and capable staff and building an international corporate culture. Investment in knowledge and the development of all our employees helps them to become among the very best in their own fields of work.

Products and services

Prescription pharmaceuticals
Krka’s prescription pharmaceuticals are, in the great majority, the result of our own knowledge, since these are high quality generic products with added value.

Non-prescription products
Krka has an extensive portfolio of non-prescription products covering all key indications for self-medication for which people frequently seek non-prescription medications to alleviate the symptoms.

Animal health products
In the animal health field, we have more than 50 registered products. These are mainly products which act against the causative agents of infectious and parasitic diseases, feed additives, …


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