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Leem is comprised of decision-making bodies (General Assembly, Board of Directors, Board President) and research bodies (Committees, Board, strategic implemention agencies).

Over 300 drug companies operate in France. They employ nearly 100,000 people and creat 550 new jobs per year while invest annually approximately 3.9 billion euros in research of new drugs.

The companies represented by the Leem realize 98.7% of the activity of the drug in France.

Worldwide (USA, Europe and Japan), more than 60 billion euros are spent each year by pharmaceutical companies to research and develop innovative new treatments. Drug companies are dedicated to creating and developing new medicines and vaccines for human use, for serious diseases related to the welfare and conditions of everyday life. The role of Leem is to develop and enforce the ethics of the profession, to facilitate trade between its members, to defend their collective interests and to strengthen links with other health professions.

Address: 58 Boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr, 75017 – Paris

Tel: +33 (0)1 45 03 88 88

Web: http://www.leem.org/



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