Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Al. Jana Pawła II 80, 00-175 Warszawa,Poland

Tel: +48 22 635-80-41

Web: http://www.lekam.pl/

Company description

LEK-AM Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., is a company that is expanding the most on the Polish
pharmaceutical market. LEK-AM combines a homogenous product portfolio, efficient leadership
and highly skilled employees, that allowed the company to quickly gain recognition in the
pharmaceutical industry.
Presently LEK-AM is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Poland.
A rapid rate of growth in terms of sales and revenues, combined with a top quality of products
offered, has turned LEK-AM into a phenomenon of the market.

Products and services

Year Product IMS ranking
2000 Company has been set up Position 350th
2001 Melatonina LEK-AM Position 165th
2002 Biosteron – DHEA Position 126th
2003 Maglek B6 Position 84th
2004 Ostolek Position 72nd
2005 Olzapin and Alerzina Position 58th
2006 Finaster and Risperon Position 48th
2007 Nobaxin Position 40th
2008 Diosminex, Clopidix i Corator
Introduction of dietary supplements
Position 36th


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