Lorenz Life Science Group

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: LORENZ Archiv-Systeme GmbH
Eschborner Landstrasse 75
60489 Frankfurt/Main
Germany,South Africa

Tel: +49-69-78991-901

Web: http://www.lorenz.cc/

Company description

LORENZ Life Sciences Group is the leading innovator for e-Regulatory Affairs solutions globally. As the most focused and established solution in this field, LORENZ’ software is responsible for more electronic submissions globally than any other solution on the market.

LORENZ’ mission is to engineer the world’s most desirable e-regulatory solutions by providing an exceptional end-to-end customer experience through advanced functionality, facilitated user-interface and deployment, as well as best-in-class customer services.
Welcome to the LORENZ Eco-System.

LORENZ’ vision is to continuously reduce the transactional unit costs of complying to regulatory standards and exchanging regulated information in the life sciences space. By reducing the transactional unit costs, LORENZ believes that patients can be better served through faster access to vital therapies, thereby significantly improving the quality of life.

LORENZ Life Sciences Group is a member of the LORENZ Group, which started as an independent provider of electronic system solutions in 1975. The LORENZ Group has evolved to cover a number of specialized high-tech market segments and has built bridges between conventional thinking and industry-specific innovations. The multitude of specialized segments has allowed the group to transfer technologies into other areas and thereby identify new business benefits.

The Life Sciences Group was formed in 1989 and consists of a number of companies involved exclusively in providing e-submission software solutions for regulatory affairs to both industry and agency. Since 1993 LORENZ has offered a state-of-the-art submission compilation department, in which submissions are compiled on behalf of sponsors and then sent to the authorities for review. This too adds to the immense knowledge LORENZ Life Sciences has accumulated since 1989.

As the number one supplier of submission management systems in the world, LORENZ was the first vendor to understand the benefits of a fully integrated submission management system rather than merely looking at it from a publishing perspective. LORENZ is also the first vendor in its market space to be audited to GAMP4. The first eCTDs and CTDs were submitted with LORENZ’ submission management solution in early 2002. In fact, docuBridge is the only solution used both on the industry and agency-side. docuBridge is used by a number of regulatory authorities worldwide to review eCTDs and other submission formats. This makes LORENZ the leading knowledge company in electronic compilation, electronic review and publishing in the life sciences market.

In 2008, LORENZ has become a voting member of Health Level Seven (HL7).

Products and services

Apart from the e-Regulatory niche market covered by the Life Sciences Group, other areas covered by the Group include:
Logic Data Systems GmbH Time/Access Control Systems

LORENZ Office-Service GmbH General Business Services

LORENZ Orga-Systeme GmbH Knowledge Management and Workflow

LORENZ Systemhaus-Gruppe LORENZ Group



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