Lundbeck Limited (UK)

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Lundbeck House, Caldecotte Lake Drive, Caldecotte Lake, , Milton Keynes, MK7 8LG, United Kingdom
,United Kingdom

Tel: 0044 1908 649 966


Company description

Lundbeck is one of Denmark’s most research-intensive enterprises. We employ a total of 1,200 highly-trained specialists in our research and development units. Each year, Lundbeck ploughs back more than 20% of its revenue into research and development of new pharmaceuticals to improve treatment options for the millions of people around the world suffering from neurological disorders.

Lundbeck UK are specialists in psychiatry and pioneers in neurology. We are an international pharmaceutical organisation with a head office based in Milton Keynes, UK and a national field force. The office consists of; Sales & Marketing, Finance & Administration, Human Resources, Medical, and Business Intelligence.

Products and services

Specialists in psychiatry, pioneers in neurology
As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, Lundbeck is unique in that we focus solely on the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system. Our aim is to be the world leader in the development of pharmaceuticals for psychiatric and neurological disorders, and are pioneers of new treatments and new approaches.

As specialists, our research and development is focused and concentrated. As specialists, we maintain close ties to our customers, establishing new links, building knowledge and developing new programmes. And as specialists, we are closer to the people suffering from psychiatric disorders and the people treating them.

UK Brand Name UK Generic Name

Azilect 1mg Tablets rasagiline
Circadin 2mg prolonged-release tablets melatonin
Cipralex 5mg/10mg/20mg Tablets escitalopram
Cipralex 10mg/ml Drops escitalopram
Cipramil 40mg/ml Drops citalopram
Cipramil 10mg/20mg/40mg Tablets citalopram
Clopixol Acuphase Injection zuclopenthixol
Clopixol Conc Injection zuclopenthixol
Clopixol Injection zuclopenthixol
Clopixol 2mg/10mg/25mg Tablets zuclopenthixol



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