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Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 9 bld, 3rd Samotyochnyi per., Moscow, 127 473,Russia

Tel: +7 495 684 43 33


Company description

Research and manufacturing company Materia Medica Holding is one of the top Russian pharmaceutical companies. For more than 10 years Materia Medica Holding has been carrying out fundamental research in the pharmacology of ultra low doses and currently the company holds the leading position in this field. The researchers of the Company were the first to conduct systemic studies of ultra dilute solutions.

Company’s product portfolio includes OTC drugs of different pharmacological groups, such as immunomodulators, antiviral products and anti-inflammatory drugs(Anaferon for children, Anaferon, Ergoferon), sedative drugs, nootropics and stress – protective drugs (Tenoten, Tenoten for children), weight reduction drugs (Dietressa), regulators of the urogenital system and reproductive system functions(Afala, Impaza), the drugs for treatment of diseases of joints (Arthrofoon), and of alcohol addiction (Proproten-100). The products are marketed in Russia, the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and Latin America. The Company is constantly searching for new areas where the drugs containing ultra low doses of antibodies can be used.

The efforts of the company’s staff for development and introduction into medical practice of new highly effective remedies based on ultra low doses of antibodies to endogenous regulators were recognized with Science & Technology Award 2005 and Science & Technology Award 2006 by Government of the Russia (orders of the Government of the Russia No. 96 dd. February 20th , 2006 AND No. 12 dd. February 22nd , 2007).

The staff of Materia Medica Holding exceeds 600 people. The company has its own production site in Chelyabinsk equipped with the up-to-date GMP-compliant facilities of European manufacturers.

Materia Medica Holding actively carries on cooperation with the leading Russian and foreign research institutions aimed at conducting new studies and to obtaining clinical data.

Materia Medica Holding drugs have become known not only in Russia but also abroad. In many countries marketing authorizations for our drugs have been issued. At present the Company has expanded its activity on FSU, Europe, Asia and Latin America markets. Our affiliate company as well as our representative offices in Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan carries out our products presentation.

We strive for developing highly efficient drugs ensuring effective treatment, prophylaxis and rehabilitation in different areas of medicine. We are sure that our drug can help millions of people to protect their health.

Products and services

Currently, Materia Medica Holding manufactures more than thirty drugs and 8 of them are original products:

Anaferon — an effective drug for prevention and treatment of influenza and SARS.

Anaferon for children— the product was specially developed for treatment and prevention of influenza, SARS and other viral infections in children.

Arthrofoon — a drug for course treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of joints (rheumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis).

Afala — a drug for treatment of prostatitis and benign prostate hyperplasia (BHP). It reduces oedema and inflammation in tissues, improves prostate functioning.

Impaza — a product for course treatment of erectile dysfunction of different etiology, increases libido and erection.

Proproten-100 — a drug used for treatment of alcoholism, reduces desire to drink and improves withdrawal symptoms. The drug efficiently eliminates the main withdrawal symptoms such as faintness, weakness, tremor, shiver, headache, irritability and insomnia.

Tenoten — it is recommended in case of acute and chronic stresses and neurosis-like conditions. It causes no drowsiness during the day, removes anxiety, and improves memory and attention.

Tenoten for children – t is recommended for children, for the treatment of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).



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