Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Las Encinas, 1777, Valle Grande, Lampa, Santiago – Chile

Tel: (56-2) 2487 4100


Company description

Laboratorios Maver is a Chilean local pharmaceutical laboratory established in 1923 that produces and distributes mostly OTC products. They also count on a dental segment, cosmetics, some prescription drugs and food/nutrition merchandise. In July of 2004 Maver obtained its GMP certification for its new plant.

The company divides itself into the following five divisions: Maver OTC, Maver Pharma, Maver Cosmetics, Maver Export and Dental Products.

Maver prides itself in the quality of its products which is ensured by several quality-control procedures at all stages of manufacturing, storage and purchasing. Maver also exports some of their products at a regional level in particular to Peru through its own subsidiary office, and Bolivia and Uruguay represented by local distributors.

Products and services

Analgesics and Antacids



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