Meda Pharma Austria

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Guglgasse 15/II. Stock, 1110 Vienna,Austria

Tel: +43 + (1) 86390-0


Company description

Meda is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company in Europe that offers cost-oriented medicine and the medical need. With offices in 26 countries Meda covers almost the whole of Europe. In other world markets, the pharmaceuticals are marketed by Meda and other representatives of pharmaceutical companies and sold.

Meda focuses on the treatment areas asthma & allergies, cardiovascular disease, pain and inflammation, gastroenterology and dermatology & infections.

Products and services

Meda Pharma GmbH with its headquarters in Vienna (see photo) is a subsidiary of Meda AB., Sweden. Meda Pharma Austria looks back on a long company history, what with the PANCHEMIE HOMBURG found its founding. Subsequently developed into ASTA MEDICA Arzneimittel GmbH, which was renamed in 2002 in VIATRIS Pharma GmbH and since October 2005, owned by the Swedish pharmaceutical company Meda is.

Meda Pharma GmbH Austria continues its focus on products for the therapy and treatment of respiratory diseases (Novolizer ®, Allergodil ®), pain (Adamon ®) for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis (Maxi-Kalz ®), treatment of cardiovascular disease (Magnosolv ®, Aquaphoril ®) and a specific complication of diabetes mellitus (Thioctacid ®), as well as therapeutic agents for use in the Department of Gynecology (Cyklokapron ® Ftbl., Estrogel ®, Utrogestan ®, Parlodel ®). Another therapeutic area of ​​Meda Pharma, the treatment of skin diseases, such as the actinic keratoses, basal cell carcinomas or genital warts (Aldara ®). The innovative nutritional supplements Longeva ® completes the product range.

Furthermore, there are good pharmacy products such as Ce-soda ®, Histaxin ®, and Kamillosan Travelgum ® and the dietary supplement Osteo-Active ® and Magnofit ® – pellets in the product portfolio of Meda Austria.



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