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Last updated: 24.03.2015

Mega MedicalSince its establishment in 1995, Mega medical Co., Ltd. has localized medical equipment for ear-note-and throat (ENT), and currently been ranked No. 1 in domestic market share. This company will make every effort not only to maintain No. 1 market share in domestic market but also to take the first position in overseas markets.

1997 Specialized ENT unit launch
1999 Patent acquisition for wall-type nebulizer
2005 Cell-Q, a new obesity treatment product development
2006 Wireless visual system is selected as (wireless visual system) the world best quality product
2007 Digital wireless visual system development
2008 Obesity treatment device solution, Nato irrigation development
2009 HD visual system Development
2010 technical development for ENT Microscope development
2011 LIPO carbon therapy development
2013 Obesity treatment complex device development

Through consistent overseas market development since the establishment, Mega medical Co., Ltd. have exported out products over 40 countries including Europe, Asia, China, and Middle-East, and worked for global network construction.

Contact Details
Domestic inquiries
Tel. 1588-4493 (02-3662-4493)
Fax. 02-3661-0120

For overseas clients

Inquiry about products and warranty
Tel. +82-2-3662-4493
Fax. +82-2-3661-0120





#2504, 2505, A Bldg, Woolim blue 9 Business Center, 583, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul (ZIP 157-779)



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