Last updated: 10.01.2019


Menarini began its activities in Naples in 1886 as a small laboratory under the name ‘Farmacia Internazionale’. In 1915 it was transferred to Florence, where its head offices are still located

In 1978 Menarini began joining its resources and energy with other important Italian companies such as Malesci, followed by Guidotti, Lusofarmaco, Lusochimica and F.I.R.M.A.
In 1976 the Diagnostic Division was added to the ethical drug business and in 1994 the OTC Division was started up.

The group has more than 700 skilled scientific consultants in Europe, and a network that covers 90.3% of the population and serves a market of 300 million people.
It has 13 subsidiaries and is aiming at establishing a presence in the East of Europe.

The Menarini Group’s main therapeutic areas include; cardiovascular products, gastrointestinal products,  antibiotics/respiratory system products, diabetes drugs and anti-inflammatory agents/analgesics.



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