Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan

Last updated: 13.02.2014


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Company description

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has been known throughout its long history by different names. It was called The Ministry of Trade, The Ministry of Economy and Trade, and The Ministry of National Economy, until it settled on the name, The Ministry of Industry and Trade since 1975 until now.

According to its law number 18 for the year 1998, the Ministry takes on the responsibilities of regulating the industry by type, classifying it, registering it according to an internal regulation, and preparing the programs and studies that work on developing the industry and increasing its competitiveness.

The Ministry also takes on the task of regulating the internal and external trade, monitoring it, and preparing the studies and the agreements that protect the interest of the country and the citizen.

Finally, The Ministry takes upon itself the study of trade and industrial blocs and authorities, Arab and international, recommending to The Council of Ministers ways to deal with them, the feasibility of joining them, and showing their effect on the national economy.

Products and services

The National Objectives

• The First National Objective Increasing the competitive ability of the
national economy and enhancing the investment environment.

• The Second National Objective The effective protection of the
consumers’ rights.

• The Third National Objective Promoting the proficiency and efficiency of
the public sector performance.


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