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Address: 130 Thailand Science Park, Paholyothin Rd., Klong Luang Pathumthani 12120 , Thailand

Tel: +66(0)2564 7100


Company description

National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC) established in 2003 by the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) as one of four national research centres under its jurisdiction. With an annual budget of 11 million USD, NANOTEC is the key research funding agency for nanotechnology. NANOTEC is investing in nanotechnology as a means of differentiating and adding value so that domestic products can compete effectively.

NANOTEC has the dual role of serving as a national R&D centre and as a funding agency to support universities and other research institutes. It has established strong links with other institutes in Thailand and with more than 400 nanotechnology researchers, as well as with leading nanotechnology centres overseas.

Currently, NANOTEC Central Lab consists of 12 units located at the Thailand Science Park:

Nano Delivery System;
Nano-Molecular Target Discovery;
Nano Safety and Risk Assessment;
Nano Molecular Sensor;
Organic Nanomaterials;
Hybrid Nanostructure and Nanocomposites;
Nanomaterials for Energy and Catalysis;
Nanoscale Simulation;
Nano Characterization
Nano Functional Textile
Engineering and Manufacturing

Products and services

One of the major goals of NANOTEC is to be a “solution provider in nanotechnology”, therefore a high percentage of the nanotechnology research is focused on industrial applications:

textiles – antimicrobial fabric, self-cleaning and water repellent fabric;
cosmeceuticals – nano-emulsions, controlled release nano-capsules;
food – e-nose sensors for quality control processes.
Since its inception, NANOTEC has provided more than 15,000 testing services to industries and researchers annually. Furthermore, nano safety initiatives are being developed in compliance with international standards and global networks via SAICM, OECD and UNITAR.

NANOTEC has identified 7 flagship programs which it considers are in response to both national and NSTDA priorities. The flagship programs are:

1. Clean water

Product target: Water filtration system providing clean and clear water in the areas contaminated with heavy metals and/or agriculture fertilizers. Capacity is 1,000 liter/day for usage in rural areas around the country.

2. Control-released fertilizer

Product target: Control-released fertilizer that responds to plant’s life cycle Plant target: Sugarcane, rice, and orchid

3. Vector control system (mosquito)

Product target: Insecticide-impregnated mosquito net and mosquito repellent lotion

4. Nano Aroma

Product target: Essential oil for aromatherapy with long lasting fragrances and effects

5. Nano-Mark

Product target: Nano Mark (with potential safety tag for nanoparticle-containing products

6. Smart Soil

Product target: Carbonaceous soil or biochar from water hyacinth or biomass, to be used as soil conditioners

7. Nano-biosensors

Product target: UV indicator, heavy metal identification, and bacteria band for bacterial detection

In nanobiotechnology and the life sciences, NANOTEC is conducting research on nano-delivery systems, nanomolecular sensors, and nano-cosmeceuticals. For delivery systems, NANOTEC is developing platforms for drug delivery based on nano-encapsulation and molecular complexation techniques for the controlled release and target delivery of bioactive compounds. Nano-carriers studies include core-shell nanoparticles, self-assembly nanoparticles, polymer conjugates, nanoemulsion and molecular inclusion complexes. In addition, novel targeting moieties such as peptides, magnetic, and antibodies are being explored.

In nanomolecular target discovery, the design and development of antibody fragments for targeting infectious diseases and cancer are being investiga



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