National Development Fund, Taiwan

Last updated: 13.02.2014

national-development-fund-taiwan-logo.jpgThe Development Fund of the Executive Yuan is in its 30th year since establishment in 1973. In its early years, the Fund invested in petrochemical and semiconductor industries that were vital to national development plans. In recent years, the focus of its investment has shifted to the biotechnology and digital content industries; in line with Taiwan’s economic transformation and strategic development directions.

The Fund’s investment scope currently embraces semiconductors, optoelectronics, communications, financial services, precision machinery, transportation infrastructure, and biotechnology. The primary goal of the Fund is to serve as a catalyst for Taiwan’s economic development and to accomplish a multiplier effect in the courses of its investment process.

Economic development is the aspiration of all people in Taiwan. It is our expectation that the Development Fund can serve as a driver for Taiwan’s economy. Not only would the Fund propel forward our industries on the international stage, it would enable us to accomplish new grounds of industrial and economic achievements.


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