Neurotech Pharmaceuticals

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 4F Hyunwoo Building, Gomae- dong 381-1, Giheung-gu, Yongin -si, Gyeonggi-do446-901, Republic of Korea

Tel: 82-31-215-9985


Company description

Established in 1998 Neurotech Pharmaceuticalshas received the G7 Project Award from the Ministry of Science & Technology:Development of Alzheimer’s Disease models and Neuroprotectant compounds.Neurotech team members are working diligently with shareholder support to develop the next generation of medicines.Neurotech has been developing Neu2000 and AAD-2004 over the last 8 years and has recently discovered two additional promising compounds. Neurotech has also expanded its drug development capabilities over this period. In preparing for competition in the global marketplace, Neurotech has secured sufficient cash flow for R&D Funding through public listing, employing a conservative business model, and establishing a new drug development infrastructure through the introduction of IT. Its partner, Eolith, is a company that specializes in Broadband Convergence Network technology. Neurotech is working with Eolith and large medical center to construct a Ubiquitous Health Monitoring System (UHMS) to select patients with stroke and Alzheimer’s and maximize the efficacy of drugs. Neurotech ultimately seeks to gain entry into the pharmaceutical industry through clinical studies and the marketing of new drugs.In 2008, Neurotech has successfully completed the Neu2000 clinical phase I study in the U.S.



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