Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Loire 150
Gebouw Castellum, ingang C (Synthesium)
2491 AK Den Haag,Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 70 337 87 64


Company description

For over twenty years, the Netherlands Biotech Industry Association (Niaba) has brought together more than seventy of its home country’s biggest and finest biotech-related companies en organizations. Its members operate in fields such as human and animal health, food, feed, agriculture and the environment.

Niaba counts large, globally operating companies such as Unilever, DSM, and Schering-Plough among its members. However, the association also involves small biotech companies, research institutions and other associations operating in adjacent fields.

Products and services

Niaba informs and lobbies governments and public media on a host of biotech-related issues, helping to build and maintain a business climate that welcomes biotechnology as a way to make people’s lives better and economies more sustainable.

The Netherlands is known for its open-minded and highly productive life sciences business climate, thanks in part to a solid regulatory and legal system. The Dutch government has been instrumental in bringing together public and private efforts towards research and development, for example by creating extensively funded public-private partnership programs.
Niaba works to improve on this highly productive business climate for the life sciences even further.

As an associaton, Niaba is governed by and to the benefit of its members. Together, they identify policy priorities for the business sector as a whole. Expert committees help to frame priorities and support the bureau in carrying out all the associaton’s policies.

The European Union is increasingly important for the climate in which biotech-related organisations and companies operate. Ever more regulation, for example, stems from EU directives and regulations. Niaba therefore also operates in Brussels, the heart of the EU. Niaba is represented in the board and the executive commitee of EuropaBio, the European biotechnology association. Niaba chairs the National Associations Council, a body in which national business associations work together.



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