Last updated: 14.07.2014

NIMGenetics logoNIMGenetics is a privately owned Spanish biomedical company specializing in the design and commercialization of products and services for clinical genetic diagnosis. We develop exclusive genomic products and services essentially based on two technologies: microarrays and Next-generation sequencing. We have expanded the value of our high-performance genomic products and services to the international market, becoming a top leader in genomic analysis and human genetic diagnostics. In 2012, NIMGenetics started an internationalization process, being the first targets Mexico and India, and broadening it to LATAM market.

NIMGenetics has a professional scientific and medical multidisciplinary and innovative team with a proven track-record in applying new genomic technologies to medicine and research, and a solid experience in analysis and interpretation of genomic data.

In the field of genomic research on diseases that have social and economic impact, research and development is punctuated by rapid scientific and technological breakthroughs. NIMGenetics continuously evaluates new technologies, to identify and develop those which can be used to design new diagnostic tests whilst, at the same time, improving the existing tests.

Contact details:
Enrique Samper Rodríguez
President and Chief Executive Officer
Paula Villadóniga González
Personal Assistant (P.A)
Tel. 663913853




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