Novartis Belgium

Last updated: 01.06.2015

Address: Medialaan 40 bus 1 B-1800, Vilvoorde, Belgium

Tel: +32 2 246 16 11


Company description

Novartis in Belgium, with headquarters in Vilvoorde is a leading company for innovative medicines that improve the health maintain and improve well-being.

Approximately 1500 employees are to work in one of our four divisions: Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Sandoz and Novartis Consumer Health (OTC) and Alcon Eye Care (Alcon CIBA VISION +).

Products and services

Novartis in Belgium is composed of the followoing departments:

– Novartis Pharma brings brand marketed drugs in 8 therapeutic areas: Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, Hematology and Oncology, Central Nervous system, Respiratory Diseases, Infectious Diseases (IID) and Transplantation, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, bone diseases.
– Sandoz: is specialized in the production and sale of generic drugs.
– Novartis Consumer Health: is represented through the Novartis OTC business unit: OTC medications and self-medication products.
– Alcon Eye Care (Alcon CIBA VISION +): surgical and pharmaceutical products as well as eye care products.



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